Transmit Data to pmu connection tester through networking


I think it’s more accurate to say that it shows the current alarm state for each signal. That is, for every signal that currently has one or more raised alarms, it shows only the information about the most severe alarms that are currently in the raised state. If you want a comprehensive log of alarm state changes, you have a couple options. You can either use a historian to log alarm measurements and view them using historian tools or you can enable logging to the AlarmLog table in the database and view them using database tools.

To enable logging to the AlarmLog table:

  1. In the openPDC Manager, go to “Actions > Manage Custom Actions”.
  2. In the data grid at the bottom of the page, select the “ALARM!SERVICES” adapter.
  3. In the “Parameters” list box in the center of the page, scroll to the bottom and select the “UseAlarmLog” parameter.
  4. Change the value by selecting the radio button labeled “True” to the right of the “Parameters” list box.
  5. Click the “Save” button on the far right above the data grid.
  6. Click the “Initialize” button on the left above the data grid.
  7. Select “Yes” when prompted for confirmation.

Note that logging to the AlarmLog table is disabled by default for performance reasons. If your alarms are too chatty, it will degrade system performance.


Thank You sir
I have 3 devices and i want to concentrate these data by concentrate output streams.
How do i check that my data are concentrated?


Where is database option?
I can’t see in open pdc manager


You can check that your data is being concentrated by connecting the PMU Connection Tester to the openPDC output stream.


But sir in pmu connection tester only individual files are opened. How can i open my output stream that i created in open pdc manager?
Where is database option?
I can’t see in open pdc manager


Referring to the following page:

There are options for “TCP Channel” and “UDP Channel” that you can specify for your output stream. Whatever ports and endpoints you specify for these channels will define how you can connect to your output stream. The simplest setup would be to specify a TCP Channel and leave the UDP Channel blank. Then you only need to use the TCP tab in the PMU Connection Tester to connect to it.

I don’t know what “database option” you are looking for in the openPDC Manager.



Where can i find alarm log table ?
I enabled alarm log table but i can’t find this table. In which option did i find alarm log table of my alarm configuration?


Sir how can i see graph measurements of my output stream in open pdc manager?
How can i add my output stream in graph measurement tab?


Where i can find option of alarm log table after enabling?


I have followed your steps to concentrate output stream but its output in pmu connection tester is

It didn’t display my data.



Looks like it is streaming data, however your data is missing from the stream. It could be that the timestamp in your source data is old compared to real-time and this is causing the data to be dropped from the output stream. Suggest changing the settings on the output stream as follows:


I tried but it still shows the same result as previous.


Is your source data set to loop? What happens if you reinitialize your input adapter?


I don’t understand what do you mean by source data set to loop?
If i initialize input device :

This message comes.


As I understand your setup, you have a CSV input adapter that is the source of your data. Is that Input Adapter set to loop or just read from the beginning and end? When I asked the question, I was referring to reinializing the CSV input adapter then checking the data stream output in the PMU Connection Tester.


My data is read repeatedly as i have enabled auto repeat option.
How to reinitialize CSV input adapter ?
How to display output data stream in openPDC manager?
How to see alarm log table of my data after enabling Alarm log table?


Please help me !
What can i do to run my output stream in pmu connection tester?
I have tried test stream sample output stream that is already created in openpdc manager but same result is shown in pmu connection tester as i have shown you.


My data is not read from csv file. My data is read from pmuconnection file. I have 2 Devices data and i concentrate these data by following the steps of Stephen Sir. Please help me.


It will be easier for us to assist you with very specific questions. What is your exact task you are trying to accomplish?


My first task is to set alarm configuration. I have created alarm configuration and enable alarm log table option. I want to see alarm log table but i can’t find it.
My second task is to concentrate my 3 devices data and want to show results in pmu connection tester and openpdc manager also. I have created output stream but in pmu connection tester results are not shown as i have send you screenshot in above discussion. My output stream is not running. It shows following result:

Please tell me what can be the problem and how to resolve it?
Please help me sir