Transmit Data to pmu connection tester through networking



The IEEE C37.118 standard is currently the single most ubiquitous synchrophasor protocol. The standard has been implemented by many different PMUs and PDCs, including the openPDC, and every one of these devices have been able to successfully communicate phasor values. For a long time now, the PMU Connection Tester has often been used as the gold standard to test whether a device has implemented the protocols properly.

So please trust me when I say that if the PMU Connection Tester says your voltage is 0.29 V, that means you have encoded a value of 0.29 V into the data frame. I personally do not think you will be able to solve this problem without gaining a better understanding of the IEEE C37.118 standard as well as the MATLAB code that you have used to encode those data frames.



Sir i convert 954.6114 floating point voltage value into hex resulting 446ea721 value
Then i keep this value in between STAT and Voltage angle(i.e in place of voltage phasor magnitude then why open pmu connection tester display some other value. I check twice. Please help me sir


Since you specified in your configuration that your phasors are in rectangular format, the values you write to the file should be real and imaginary, not magnitude and angle. The PMU Connection Tester will convert from rectangular to polar for the display.


I Try polar option while doing Ritchie’s steps also but it gives same result sir


My phasor data is in polar format.
After STAT, i have 8 bytes for each phasor 4 bytes for voltage magnitude and then 4 bytes for voltage angle


Can you send me some example data frames of your sample file openpdcteststream.pmuconnection?
It will be helpful for me.


Thanks. I was able to confirm an issue with the code.

There exists some code to convert an anonymous configuration frame to an IEEE C37.118 configuration frame. The code creates the protocol-specific configuration frame and then copies the configuration cells and definitions over from the anonymous configuration frame to the protocol specific frame. However, it looks like the coordinate format and data formats were not being copied over, so the PMU Connection Tester has been ignoring your configuration and using the Rectangular data format with the Fixed Integer coordinate format.

I’ve written a fix for the issue and posted a beta version of the PMu Connection Tester with the fix. You can find it here.

With this version, if you write your hexadecimal value of 446ea721 into your data frames and switch to polar format, you should see a value of 0.9546 kV displayed in the PMU Connection Tester.



Open pdc manager didn’t show me 0.954 KV but pmu connection tester show me that value.
PDC manager shows 0.29 V.
Pmu connection tester shows zero frequency as shown in image file below

Also angle value is also wrong.


The openPDC and PMU Connection Tester both use the same library for parsing phasor protocols. This means the two applications had the same issue, and the issue was fixed at the same time. If you want the openPDC Manager to show you the correct values, you will have to install the latest nightly build version (v2.2.78) that was just built this morning. You can find it here.

Like I said before, the PMU Connection Tester is only showing you the values that have been encoded into your input data frames. If you believe the values being displayed are incorrect, then you will need to validate the data frames against your input data and your MATLAB code to determine what could be the cause of the problem. This is something I cannot do for you. If you find another issue with the PMU Connection Tester, I will be glad to help fix it.



Sir why it show me 0 value? Why not other value (anything)?


Sir please can you give me some valid data frames. It will be helpful for me


Sir if i put value of freq = 60.15 in hex in my data frame then it displays me 60.15 Hz .
But standard says deviation from nominal freq value (in hex) should be put in data frame.
eg if nominal = 60 Hz if i want to display 62.15 Hz then hex value of 2500 should be put in data frame.


This is my sample data output

Why freq graph is not running like this

means i want variation
My freq value varies but waveform is not varying.
Sir please help me


In openpdc, my concentrator name is PDC. I have three pmucapture files (bus8, bus15, bus27) and i want to run all three pmucapture files under my concentrator PDC. When i add second pmucapture file along with xml file to my concentrator PDC, openpdc didn’t show the first pmucapture file (i.e it didn’t show results of more than one pmucapture files under a single concentrator).
Please guide me sir



Hello Owais,

Since the data is coming from three separate data streams, you will need to configure three separate PDC connections. If you specify the same PDC Acronym for the second connection, it will override the connection information for the first connection.

Alternatively, you can direct-connect your PMUs. As long as you specify the PMU’s ID code in step 1 of the input wizard, you can uncheck the “Connection is to Concentrator” checkbox in the second step of the input wizard.



I want to set alarm at a particular frequency. Can you please send me steps how to do it?
I want to create historian instances of my data and concentrate 3 devices data.



Alarm documentation:


I have created alarm configuration as below:

But in graph measurement tab, alarm is not seen (when it is raised and cleared).


Alarms are not displayed on the Graph Measurements page. You need to go to “Monitoring > View Alarm Status” to see what state your alarms are in.


Alarm status doesn’t show clearance time of alarm it only shows time raising.