Transmit Data to pmu connection tester through networking


sir i think frequency should be in range of 59-61 Hz of my data


I created pmucapture file of only 3 frames of my data just for demo


Sir why is it displaying “Attempting Connection” ?


It’s displaying “Attempting Connection” because it’s waiting for a config frame, but you are specifying one manually so that message can be safely ignored.


Specifying one manually means Sir?


Is it due to small number of frames?


No, it’s not due to the small number of frames. Normally the PMU Connection Tester gets a configuration frame from the data file or PMU. The message lingers because you are loading the configuration frame manually using the File menu. It is not causing any problems so I would urge you to ignore it and check your input data for abnormalities.


Sir Attempting Connection is shown because of my data abnormality ?


No, it is shown because you are loading a configuration frame manually.


Sir what will i do now sir to display frequency graph ?


The PMU Connection Tester only graphs frequencies that are between 59.9 Hz and 60.1 Hz. Your frequency measurements will have to fall inside that range in order to display on the chart.


I don’t know why is my data giving huge frequency?


It is a problem with your source data and/or the selected nominal frequency in your configuration frame. (1) make sure the nominal frequency in the configuration XML is set correctly, if that doesn’t help, (2) read the IEEE C37.118 standard to understand what values need to go into the frame.

Best of luck!


Thank You sir for helping me throughout


If i manually load configuration frame then Attempting Connection will be shown
How can i get rid of this?


Ideally you would add a binary configuration frame image to your pmucapture file so that it looks more like a real stream of data.

Why don’t you simply create a new IEEE C37.118 “output stream” in the openPDC based on the input file with data frames and XML based configuration file you have - then you can use the PMU Connection Tester to “capture” the output.

I think you would then have what you are looking for…



What is the procedure to create output stream?
Please tell me the steps


Click here: Create Output Stream


Sir it is not working


Sir it is not actually decoding my data frame because in my data frame Voltage value is 954.6V and it is displaying 0.29 V.
Sir please help me