Writing data into openHistorian using HTTP/API queries

I’m new to openHistorian and am trying to write data from various external sources into openHistorian to better handle data and export reports/trend data as needed along with existing PMU data.

We primarily have real-time measurement data from an external platform that can be queried through HTTP/API requests and converted to key/values using Python. I’ve been experimenting with openHistorian’s input adapters to see what method can be best used to stream this data or write it into openHistorian.

  1. Can STTP be leveraged as a data subscription between OpenHistorian and an external gateway in this case? It seems to connect and show as online, but I can’t view any data as it doesn’t match any default mapping
  2. Can the python-based write API be entirely used to create a new instance and then continuously write data into the system? I’m aware this probably will work but not sure it would be best as we need constant interval requests and updates to the system, and would probably need data cleaning/ a secondary RDBMS setup first

I’d really appreciate any ideas on any other input adapter or solution that would help solve this issue

Python code can be used to write data, as can .NET code.

Most of the HTTP interfaces are setup to “read” data, not “write”, although adding one to write might be fairly trivial.


Thanks for the reply!

A HTTP interface allowing for POST/GET queries would be great.

Would there happen to be any documentation available on how to best create this new connection in OpenHistorian?
The connections for synchro phasors or for typical use-cases seem to be straightforward, but I’m not sure what subscription type this needs to be and how to modify the metadata so that I’d be looking at custom timeseries data on the Real-Time monitoring page/Grafana.

I’d appreciate any documentation you can point me at or a brief outline of next steps for some additional clarity, if possible.