What's the difference of PDC,ECA and Histiorian2.0

I’m very doubt on these 3 products for openPDC,openECA and openHistiorian,What’s the difference and the relationship? which one is the best product we need to follow, what’s your important focus on?

Sorry for my questions, but I want to select one product to follow, thanks very much!!!

The openPDC is used to process, concentrate and redistribute streaming synchrophasor data in various standard protocols and formats.

The openHistorian is used to archive, trend and export historical process related time-series data.

The openECA is used to create new analytic processing algorithms in various target programming languages against streaming data, such as sycnhrophasors, where the results can be fed back to the openPDC or other openECA analytics as input - or to the openHistorian for archival.

Hope that helps!


Ritchie,thanks very much!!!