What 'receives' the output stream?

Looking for a little bit of clarification here. We have configured an output stream in the openPDC manager and are looking for some documentation or help on how exactly to ‘consume it.’ Does another instance of openPDC have to receive that stream? Or could I write a custom python script to open a socket to the openPDC manager’s host system on the specified port and protocol and send a hand-crafted command frame to start the transmission?

A number of applications are able to consume output stream data, including:

  • Phasor data concentrators such as the openPDC
  • PMU Connection Tester
  • Historian applications such as OSI-PI
  • Other third-party data validation and archival tools

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t write a Python script with a handcrafted command frame to consume the data. Conceptually, the data format isn’t incredibly complicated, but it is an IEEE standard so you will have to buy the standards document or reverse engineer our parsing logic to be able to interpret it. I think Wireshark has a pretty good decoder for it as well.