Web service to configure Device Inputs in Linux


I need some way from OpenPDC to provide add, edit or remove device inputs by another web application.

The OpenPDC solution has a web service or other things to do this?

The other things to do this methods are described starting on Page 10 of the following document.

Running the openPDC on POSIX Platforms

There is some development work in progress by other developers towards a cross platform openPDC Manager application.

I am currently working on a revision of the above document. My revision will not be ready for a few more weeks. However, let me know if you would like a preview of my revisions.


Right, thanks for the reply!

But I did’t want to go this way, manually configure openPDC directly in the database.

I have a web application to PMU’s management and would like to automate the configuration of them in openPDC, so the openPDC Manager would not be used, only its backend.

I’m just curious: what platform (libraries or development tools) is your web application?

We are using Java EE with Spring for Web, with OpenPDC Linux in Debian 8

The PMU’s was developed locally, and they use C++, QT (for HIM) and Cpp Rest SDK for communications with Web manager with OpenSuse 13

The web service in the openPDC solution is only to deliver configuration data to a running openPDC instance that may need to be separated from its database instance for security reasons. It is considered read-only.

You can manually adjust configuration in the database, you will just need to notify the openPDC that the configuration has changed (usually be issuing a ReloadConfig command) - alternately you can just restart the openPDC and this will of course reload the configuration at startup.

The following information is a little dated, but will certainly given an overview the table configuration and point you in the right direction: