Using the openHistorian automated build scripts

Hello Stephen,

Good Morning.

I’m trying to build openHistorian project using build-scripts, which are provided along with openHistorian project. But I’m getting failure while executing the target “CoreUpdateRepository” at Masterbuild.buildproj file. Specifically, I’m getting an error “unable to find input file” at line “Exec Command="%22$(NuGet)%22 restore %22$(ProjectSolution)%22"”.

My environment:

Visual Studio 2017 Professional

Windows 10 X64.

Could you please clarify, is there any issue with “Visual Studio 2017”?

Are you guys able to use build scripts successfully?

If you need more details, please kindly let me know.

Hello Logu,

These build scripts are used by our automated nightly build process. Unfortunately, nearly all our efforts went into making those scripts work specifically to suit our needs, and not much thought was put into customizing the build process for users. With enough effort, you may be able to get these to work for you, but I should caution that there is a good chance you will find more success if you simply start from scratch and build your own script to invoke msbuild against the openHistorian.sln file.

The error you received was the scripts attempt to use nuget.exe to restore NuGet packages at the beginning of the build process. Most likely, you need to edit your NuGet environment variable so that it points the script to the path to your installation of nuget.exe.