Use OpenHistorian2 Data Source in self-hosted Grafana

I am using the self-hosted Grafana v7+. I want to add a data source using the plugin.

I already managed to create the OHSTAT data source but I cannot create the OHDATA data source.

  1. How can I create the OHDATA data source in the self-hosted Grafana?, I am not using the Grafana that comes along with the oH2 since I wan to use the newest version.

To create the OHDATA I am using http://localhost:8180/api/grafana/ and no user or password. However, I get a 401 error.
2. Is there any username and password that I should use? Which one is it?

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If you are using the self-hosted instance of Grafana, the OHDATA source should already be configured.

FYI, the default URL is ../api/grafana with Browser authentication. Using this allows the current user authenticated with openHistorian to also the authenticated user with Grafana – and openHistorian automatically synchronizes user accounts between openHistorian and Grafana.

Unfortunately the Grafana data source screen treats the URL that starts with ../ as an invalid URL, so you can’t save the data source record. The only way I know to enter this properly is through the SQLite database that Grafana uses to cache it’s primary configuration and screen metadata.

The Grafana database that comes with a fresh install of the openHistorian already includes this update.

If you are trying to setup a stand-alone Grafana instance, you might consider adding a database user to Grafana (view-only role is fine) and use that user to authenticate to the openHistorian Grafana API using the URL you show above.


Thank you.

I managed to configure OHSTAT in an external Grafana, on port 3000, using
http://localhost:6356/api/grafana/ and no authentication.

Moreover, I configured OHDAT on the same external Grafana using
http://localhost:8180/api/grafana/ and the same user and password as the Windows Authentication.

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Great! Glad that’s working.