Upgrade openHistorian from 2.6 to 2.x latest

Dear Team,

We are using openHistorian 2.6 customized version and have installed the same version to all our customers. We have planned to upgrade from 2.6 to latest openHistorian and incorporating our customization works too. Later we have planned to deploy the modified latest openHistorian to our customers.

So please clarify the below queries.

We have configured many PMUs, subscriptions between PDCs and archive data and etc…

While upgrading to latest version,
• How can we retain all old settings?
• What are the things/steps needs to be considered, while upgrading to latest version?

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Th system will maintain config file settings during an upgrade. Upgrading will require a schema update to the database, so during the configuration setup utility after you will need to select “Use an existing database” and “Upgrade to latest schema”. This operation will create a new database, then after the configuration setup utility completes the database will be migrated from the old schema to the new.

I suggest practicing a few times - we do this operation all the time.

Hi Ritchie,

Thanks for your response.

How to do the upgrade? I think openHistorian doesn’t have any upgrade installer.

To upgrade to latest openHistorian, do we need to follow below steps?

  1. Take the backup or copy of database file (we are using SQLite)
  2. Uninstall existing openHistorian
  3. Install latest openHistorian and use old database file and upgrade it using configuration utility?

Please confirm the above steps.

Also please clarify below.
We have TLS subscription and used openHistorian certificate, this certificate will be generating every new openHistorian installation. In this case, if we install/upgrade new version of openHistorian, How existing TLS subscriptions will work?

Or do we need to retain old certificate?

Please clarify.

Just run the new installer, it should handle the rest.

Thanks for your information Ritchie