Unable to view output on PMU Connection Tester application and RT-Lab

I executed a model consisting of IEEE C37 Protocol and IEEE-39 bus system using RT-Lab and Simulink. The model is successfully executed in the software and I can view the output on Simulink. All the plots can be viewed using Simulink scope. However, when I connect this to PMU Connection Tester software, I can not view the output here. I checked other models too and in that case, PMU Tester gives proper plots. From my end, I have configured all the settings properly and verified them many times. Any help is appreciated.

Make sure the selected protocol in the PMU Connection Tester is set to IEEE C37.118-2005 - the 2011 will default to trying to use the configuration 3 frame which is not supported by RT-Lab.

Also, make sure the right ID code is selected.


I tried connecting using the 2005 protocol but still ‘Device Connection Error’ is showing up. Also, the device ID code is verified.
This is a weird problem as my output plots are coming up properly on Simulink Scope.