Unable to start openHistorian service on local computer

Hello everyone,
My name is Gian Paolo, I am experiencing problems with openHistorian. I’ve installed openPDC and openHistorian, connected them, and I’m viewing the data on Grafana without any problems. So the shelby/openPDC/openHistorian/Grafana configuration works perfectly. But when I turn the virtual machine off and on again, openHistorian service no longer works. The only solution is to uninstall and reinstall openHistorian (which is not very convenient) and everything works fine until the next time I restart the machine. What could be the problem? Why openHistorian services can’t run once restart the vm?
Here the screen about properties of openHistorian service:
property historian services
property historian services_2
property historian services_3
property historian services_4

this is the error message when i try to start the service manually:
service openhistorian issue

The configuration file openHistorian.exe.conf (Idk it could help):

Here what the console tells me:

I found another forum with the same problem as mine, but it doesn’t work for me:

Hope anyone can help me.
Thank you in advance.


Almost seems like there is an OS issue. What version of Windows are you using?

Is it connected to the Internet and and up-to-date with patches?

Here are some recommendations for this issue:



Thanks for the reply, anyway I tried the solutions proposed on the website that you linked but it continues to present the same problem.
I’m using Windows 10 Home, yes it is connected to the Internet and yes it is up-to-date.
I am using the windows version without a key product, do you think this could be the root of the problem? Or it could depend on the virtual machine itself?

Thanks again,


If the Windows key has expired, this can start to cause all kinds of issues.

Can you create a new VM and try to install again?