Unable to see the PMU data in goose protocol format in grafana


We have developed module using goose protocol to collect/read the data from PMU and all are working fine. Our requirement is, these goose data needs to be reported using Grafana.
Currently we can see the data frames coming through IEC 61850-90-5, but not able to see the goose data (IEC 61850-90-5 Goose).
Also please note that able to see the goose data using OpenHistorian manager graph view, able to export or trend the data using openHistorian Web Interface.
Can you please provide the guidelines to report the goose data using Grafana?
What is the data format expected?

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The target measurements will need to be associated with the historian, e.g., PPA. Grafana only reads data from the archive, not the real-time stream.

Hi Ritchie,

Thanks for your quick response.

Currently, we can trend and export the goose data (very old goose data, e.g. 1 month old) from openHistorian web interface, it means data must be stored in archive file (using PPA). Also, that device is configured with PPA as Historian.

In Grafana, we can see the goose data of recent 5 mins events.

I have generated Graph for showing last 1 hr time frame goose events and refreshing the graph data for every second. See the below scenarios.

  1. I’m able to see the most recent events, max 5 mins.

  2. I’m continuously generating events (e.g. open/close the switch) for every 2 mins, now most recent 5 mins changes are appearing in graph, not showing previous 55 mins events (note that those events were appeared initially).

Is there any format/ sequence/ number of samples to use with Grafana?
Is there any way to verify whether this data is suitable for Grafana requirement or not?

Please provide more details on developer point of view and I can check give more details to you.

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What is the resolution of the data? For SCADA speed data, you might want to try the Interval function with a parameter of zero to make sure there is no down-sampling applied. Otherwise, you may want to double check the incoming timestamps on the data.

If you still can’t see data in Grafana, can you see it in the Trend function in the main openHistorian web interface?


Hi Ritchie,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I can able to see the data using Trend function in the main openHistorian web interface.
I need to check for data resolution and time stamp as you suggested.
If you have any other suggestion, please let me know.

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