UDP to TCP using StreamSplitter


I would like to go from a UDP stream to a TCP stream like the image attached. Can someone tell me how to do this please.

Hello Summertime3,

It looks like you’ve set it up properly. The error in the message window indicates that the remote system at is not listening on port 8989. Perhaps you intended to implement a TCP listener proxy point on the Stream Splitter and then connect to that from If that’s the case, then use the Is Listener checkbox in the Stream Splitter Manager.


Hi Stephen,

I tried what you suggested, but it still doesn’t connect.

No, it is connecting. You can see in the message box that it says the client connected to the publication channel. The PMU Connection Tester is also clearly connected, indicated by the fact that the Connect button has changed to Disconnect. The reason you don’t see any data must be either that the source device’s packets are not reaching port 4126 on that system (misconfigured or firewall?) or that you haven’t waited long enough for the source device to provide the configuration frame to the Stream Splitter service. Have you tried receiving the device’s UDP stream directly in PMU Connection Tester before attempting to set it up in Stream Splitter?

If you temporarily disable the StreamSplitler connection and directly connect PMU Connection Tester to the UDP stream does it work OK?

The connection string parameters on ths StreamSplitter connection are setting the UDP stream input to be IPv4 (via “interface=”) - is it possible that the UDP stream is coming in on IPv6? If it’s IPv6 you can change the inteface setting to “interface=::0”