Transmit Data to pmu connection tester through networking


Then, as Ritchie suggested, your data is probably being discarded by the concentrator. Try updating this setting. You may be tired of me saying it, but remember to Save and Initialize the output stream, in that order.

Connection String: processByReceivedTimestamp=true


Why my data is being discarded?
Is there any solution for it?


Updation of Connection string setting works. I have got my output.
Thank you so much sir.


The data is discarded by the concentrator if the timestamp of the data is more than 3 seconds old. The connection string setting that I suggested is designed to completely disable that validation to allow for concentration of historic data. You may want to check the PMU Connection Tester output to make sure the timestamps match what you were expecting.


Okay sir. I will check that.


Is this possible that Concentrated data created by openpdc manager export to network ?
If possible then what is procedure ?
What will be the format of concentrated data?


The output stream you set up is already sending its data over the network. The procedure is the same except that you need to run the PMU Connection Tester from another system on the network. The format will depend on the “Type” parameter you select on the Output Streams page of the openPDC Manager.


It means i initialize my output stream from openpdc on machine 1 and receive that data on machine 2 over the network?


Yes, that is correct. If you are using a TCP-only output stream, it should require no changes to the openPDC. Just load PMU Connection Tester on the other system and connect to the openPDC.


If i have a pmu device then what is the procedure to connect this device with pmu connection tester and openpdc manager?


The exact procedure will depend on the PMU and its configuration, but the general procedure does not differ from the procedure you used to connect the PMU Connection Tester to the openPDC.


In output streams type parameter there is no IEEE C37.118-2011 format ?


Indeed, that is a feature that has not been implemented. Output streams are limited to using the IEEE C37.118-2005 format.


I am using TCP only output stream. I want to initialize my output stream from my machine and receive that stream on other machine over network. I initialized my output stream from my machine and configuration is shown in picture:

But i can’t receive that data on other machine and some error is shown as shown in pic

The above picture of pmu connection tester is of second machine. I simply load the pmu connection tester and click connect button but first “Attemting Connection” is displayed for 5 seconds and then device connection error is shown.
What can be the cause of this error?


This is usually indicative of a firewall issue or the server instance is not properly listening on the port.

Make sure the openPDC is allowed through the firewall on If that’s not the issue, make sure the openPDC is able to use port 8900 for the output stream.

Keep in mind that only one instance of a port can be attached as a listener. If you have two output streams they will need to listen on different ports.



Is it necessary that the machine in which i want to receive output stream has an openpdc software or only pmu connection tester is enough for this task?
How can i check that openpdc is allowed through firewall on
Output stream is received correctly on same machine on which i initialize on port 8900 but i can’t receive on second machine by using port 8900?


Only the PMU Connection Tester on the second machine should be fine.

If you are using a Windows machine, you will need to open the “Windows Firewall” settings that can be found in the control panel.

Once you have opened the firewall settings from the control panel, the simplest thing to do is to click on the link called “Allow an app or feature through the firewall”, click on “Change Settings”, then click on “Allow another app…”.

From here you would browse the openPDC executable, typically “C:\Program Files\openPDC\openPDC.exe” and click “Add”.

Once added the openPDC will appear in the list of firewall exceptions as “openPDC Iaon Host”, make sure you click at least “Domain” and “Private” options for access to the service and “Public” if you wanted to hit the service from the Internet.

Doing this should allow all openPDC services to be accessed from remote computers.

Good luck!


Do you have any code to calculate crc-0xffff bytes of many frames(i.e 18000 frames approx) ?


We do have code that you can use to calculate a CRC-CCITT from an array of bytes. If you can read your 18000 frames into memory in a C# program, then you should be able to apply the code to calculate the checksums.


My array of bytes should be in which form either binary or hexadecimal?
I have hexadecimal frames in txt file