TLS subscription measurement data is not transmitting from publisher to subscriber


Please clarify below issue

I have setup the TLS subscription and both publisher and subscriber connected successfully.
Measurement details are transmitted to subscriber as meta data. However measurement values live data (angle, phase and etc…) are not transmitting.

Could you please explain what might be wrong with this?
Earlier it was working and when recreating after some time, its not happening, please help.

thanks & Regards

For a TLS subscription, you need to both adjust subscriber measurement access via the publisher’s manager screens and subscribe to measurements via the subscriber’s management screens. Did you forget one of these steps?

Hi Stephen,

Yes, I did that, but still was not working.
Now again I did that, its working.
Also I have couple of queries.

Can you please explain what is meant by “Display Internal” under screen "
Manage local Measurement subscriptions from external gateways".

Every device contains a property “ID Code(Access ID)”. What is that? by default its zero for all devices, why do we need this? when I give incremental value to one of our protocol device, it was not working, it is accepting value “1”.

thanks & Regards

“Display internal” has to do with how data flows are defined in order to manage metadata via GEP. The basic idea is that every measurement that flows through the openHistorian system gets marked as either internal or external based on where it came from. A typical interpretation of this could be whether the measurement was taken internal to your network or from a device owned by someone else on an external network. Normally, that measurement subscriptions page only shows you external measurements because that’s how measurements received over a TLS subscription are marked by default. “Display internal” overrides that filter so you can see all the measurements defined in your openHistorian system, in case you have also overridden the internal flag on your TLS subscription.

For more information on internal vs external, you can read the following post.