Time synchronization


I am archiving some data using openHistorian, but the timestamps printed with the archived file do not match the current (pc) clock, is there a way that both can be synced? We are running several cases and it is essential to know what is the starting and ending time for each case.

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Bhaskar Mitra

I found the issue, openPDC works on UTC time.

However, I just ran some simulations and got my time in utc but the time openpdc is archiving is something different…

But the current utc time is different


All times in the openPDC and openHistorian are assumed to be UTC - regardless of local clock time zone.

This includes inputs, outputs and timestamps on the screen.

Hope that helps.


Does this mean that if you had a satellite clock connected to your computer that it would have to send the computer UTC and not UTC -6 for example? @ritchiecarroll I had a computer that has openPDC and historian and the data stopped archiving when the clocks output was changed from UTC to UTC -6 and was wondering how I can fix this?

Yes, sending time in UTC (no timezone offsets) is the standard way this works, i.e., the common deployment.

That said, for any given input, e.g., a device coming into the openPDC, you can adjust based on active time zone, e.g.:

This basically just auto-adjusts time to UTC before it is parsed by openPDC based on time zone of the input device.

Keep in mind, however, you will likely need to update this setting twice per year during day-light savings time changes.