STTP and STTPS!DATAPUBLISHER build in adapters have no type filled in


I noticed that in the custom action adapters section , STTP!DATA PUBLISHER and STTPS! DATAPUBLISHER built-in adapters don’t have a filled / selected type:

I do not know, however, if this affects the operation of the STTP protocol. I manage to send (OpenPDC) / receive (OpenHISTORIAN) data via STTP ; but am not sure whether one of these two adapters is used to do so (I use the internal subscription option with STTP to transfer data).

Both OpenPDC (2.9.14) and OpenHistorian (2.8.16) are concerned.

Perhaps this observation could help you.

We’ve just published the Release Candidate 2 for both these products. Can you see if the latest version exhibits the same issue:


Both OpenPDC and OpenHistorian RC2 versions are fine : type is corectly filled.

Thanks for your quick reply !