StreamSplitter continuously connected/disconnected while sending data to OpenPDC

I recently replaced the OpenPDC phasor data feed (coming from my prod environnement) for my test environment.
The initial stream was done by an output string declared on the OpenPDC production server ; to which the qualification OpenPDC was connected. So the network stream was seen as ‘incoming’ from my production environment.

I modified this configuration to reverse the direction of this stream using streamSplitter on the production server; on the left connected to same datasource as my production OpenPDC ; and on the right sending (pushing) data to the OpenPDC test environnement by checking the ‘Establish TCP Server’ option in the connection string of this test OpenPDc.

  • Steamsplitter 1.1.7 on production server :

Note that I change those two parameters in the StreamSplitter.exe.Config :
“MaxClientConnections” value=“-1” (instead of ‘1000’ by default which caused some errors in the StreamSplitter console).
“NoDelay” value=“True” (instead of ‘false’ by default ; a test that did not change anything)

  • OpenPDC 2.9.210 on test server :

The data seems correctly received; but the streamsplitter console mentions multiple and continuous messages ‘TCP publishing client connected to TCP listening server chanel’ immediately followed by ‘TCP publishing client disconnected to TCP listening server chanel’. From time to time, the following message is also displayed: [NAME_OF_STREAMSPLITTER_CONFIGURATION] Stream splitter exception: Socket exception occurred on the TCP publication client channel while attempting to send client data to TCP listening server “tcp://OPENPDC_TEST_SERVER_HOSTNAME:4712”: Returned by WSARecv or WSARecvFrom to indicate the remote party has initiated a graceful shutdown sequence.

Nevertheless, data on the OpenPDC Test server seems to be well received ; but those continuous connected/disconnected and error messages are worrying me. I’m not sure that some data may not been lost when the disconnected/connected event appears.

Would you have an idea of what could cause this annoying behavior ?



Edit : I’ve also used PMU Connection Tester instead of OpenPDC on the Test environnement part ; with the same results : multiple connected/disconnected messages.

Hello Stephane,

The error message seems to indicate that the TCP server (openPDC test server) is sending a FIN packet to the TCP client (Stream Splitter). As the error message suggests, this is indicative of a graceful shutdown sequence, meaning the TCP server must have thought the communications were finished. I would expect the openPDC Console on the openPDC test server should provide some clues as to why that is happening.


Hello Stephen,

Thank you very much for your quick answer. I’ve looked at the OpenPDC part logs files but found any error messages. After several tests and .config files investigations, I found that there was an second active Connection declared in StreamSplitter, with the same parameters has the one I was trying to make working ; that was also trying to push IEEE data to the same client OpenPDC (test) on the same target port. I didn’t seen this duplicated configuration before because of the StreamSplitter Manager window size which hide it :confused:
After deleted this duplicated conf ; everything is going fine !!

I was searching for a complex network issue as it was just a window size problem …

Regards !