Source Index difference between openPCD Manager and Protocol Specific settings

In PMU connection Tester ‘Protocol Specific’ Tab, the IEEEC37.118.PhasorDefinition3 (Ia) Index is ‘0’
To be sure that this ‘remote’ measurement will be related to the ‘Ia’ measurement I declare on my local OpenPDC ; I’m trying to put the ‘0’ value in OpenPDC Manager :
Unfortunately, when I’m clicking on ‘save’, the source Index is automatically set to ‘1’ ; even in the database (measurement.PhasorSourceIndex).

Are those two values related ; or are they used to describe two different things ?
Is it possible to have an OpenPDC Manager / Database Source Index value identical to the one specified in PMU Connection Tester ?

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Sorry for the confusion there - in the code, the phasor definition is zero-based - but in the modeled configuration, the phasor definition is one-based.

I’ll add a task to update the UI on that screen in the PMU Connection Tester to show a one-based index.

Hope that helps!


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