Some functions don't work properly when the measurement tag and the signal reference are not the same

Rel. 2.8.157. I created a measurement with different the tag and the signal reference (‘ABC/PV’ and ‘ABC/PV.CV’). Grafana doesn’t display data for this measurement, moreover it doesn’t display data for the rest of measurements configured for a panel. It seems the SampleFunctions tool doesn’t process such tag too. The OH web interface processes such tag normally.

Are you trying to enter the tag by its name in Grafana? There are some restrictions that point tag names have, for example, they won’t include a slash “/”.

Try a filter expression instead:

FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE SignalType='FREQ'

Will consider it, thanks. But the slash is commonly used in SCADA/OPC tags. Grafana is little bit beside of the process control application area, as we know.