Send data from OSI-PI to Open PDC in real time

Hello, I am trying to connect some real time measurements from pi system to open pdc, however I have not been able to find more information than what is found in the documentation page, I have entered the server values but I do not understand the last configuration how add measurements manually or configure the adapter to bring the measurements according to the TAGs of pi system, this I am doing as part of my thesis in electrical engineering, I would like to know if there is more information on how to configure the adapter or someone could guide me please about communication between OSI-PI and OpenPDC.

Generally openPDC is used to send data to PI. If you set a measurement’s AlternateTag that matches PI tag name then you can read data into openPDC from PI, but typically you set this up for a time-frame?


Thanks for the answer, in general what I want to do is connect a server where the data is in Osi-pi to a server that has Openhistorian, at this moment I have been doing tests with openPDC, which is the one that has more information

that is my connection string

InstanceName=PPA; HistorianServer=168.176.xx.xx; ConnectOnDemand=true; ServerName=LABI-PI-SER2; OutputMeasurements=; StartTimeConstraint=04/11/2020; TagNamePrefixRemoveCount=; UserName=XXXXX; Password=XXXX

I create a virtual device but i dont know how configurate the adapter with the virtual device.

I am assuming this adapter is a a custom input adapter of type PIAdapters.PIPBInputAdapter from the PIAdapters.dll, if so the connection string many need to look more like the following:

OutputMeasurements=FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE AlternateTag IS NOT NULL;
startTimeConstraint=*-1D; endTimeConstraint=*+1D;
UserName=XXXXX; Password=XXXX

This assumes for measurements you want to read from PI, the AlternateTag field is defined and matches that found in PI. This also starts reading data from yesterday to tomorrow, as an example.


I understand, the adapter I am trying to connect is PIAdapters.PIRTInputAdapter I don’t know if it is possible please show an example of the connectionstring for that realtime adapter ?. In the example you indicate, the outputmeasurement is configured by creating a virtual device, adding a measurement and placing the filter expression?