Saving real-time data in a database

I am new in openPDC and openHistorian subject so I’ve got some questions.
My objetive is to stream PMU data in real-time to an external database (I’ve been trying with MySQL, because I know a little about it, but I accept suggestions) . I’ve read that I can do that using OpenPDC, but I’ve got some problems there. On the other hand, I think it can also be done using the OpenHistorian software. I really don’t understand the difference between both programmes, and which one i shoud use. I would be great to have some advice here.

If you just want to save, retrieve and visualize data I would recommend using the openHistorian.

The openPDC is more of a synchrophasor routing and protocol conversion engine.

You can save streaming synchrophasor data into a database such as MySql, but it will be seriously limited for possible data volumes where the openHistorian can scale to extremely high volumes of data.


Thanks for your explanation.
I am using MySQL right now just becasuse i have already use it before, and anyway i need it to install openHistorian, but I’m worried about its limitation.
Would you recommend me to use any other database? Maybe InfluxDB, or postgreDB?

For a few PMUs, any of these data storage technologies will be fine. You will start running into trouble as the PMU volume grows, where these system will not be able to keep. Each system will have it’s own bottlenecks.

Keep in mind you can use the openHistorian for many similar functions as the openPDC, and you can use the the two tools together, e.g., collect data in openPDC, send streaming data in a single feed to opnHistorian, and have openHistorian archive data.

Then there any many ways to get data out of openHistorian, including a python API.