Remote openhistorian server

I need help for create a remote openhistorian server.
I have two servers with openpdc e openhistorian, the servers have the same settings and they work in windows 2008 failover cluster.

Can I create a remote openhistorian server for storage data ?
Looking at failover server, can I use two server for Load balancing Cluster ?


Hi Pietro - we are working on some options here - I’ll have Andrew post from details for you here…

We’ve recently been adding features to support a fail-over openHistorian setup. Are you looking to have a failover (active/inactive) set up?

Currently, we’ve been testing with a shared DB on another server, and using DFSR to keep the archive synchronised between the two systems.

Thanks Andrew, we have two servers with failover active.
We want to move all devices to openpdc (more 300 pmu), can openpdc/openhistorian support a balancing cluster?
Which DB are you using with DFSR? mysql, Oracle, mongodb