Reading archive data from another openHistorian instance

We need to use one openHistorian instance archive data to another openHistorian instance.


OpenHistorian instance A running and collecting data for 5 days

OpenHistorian instance B is not running and when needed, we will copy the database and archive files from instance A to instance B’s relevant locations.

Once configured instance B, we will start service and able to see all devices, which are configured for instance A (because pointing same database). But I’m not able to see or export the old data (5 days) data, even though I copied archive files from instance A.

Is it possible?

If possible, Am I missed any steps?

Please clarify.

Thanks & Regards

Unless the archive folder and working folder are exactly synchronized, I am not sure this will work as expected.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps I can better guide you to a solution.