Read Rockwell PLC?

Is it possible to create an adapter to read Rockwell PLC value? I am currently using OSISoft PI and I’d like to see the possibility of replacing it with openHistorian. Thanks

Do you have Modbus support? Could use Modbus for that.

Could try this OPC client too:

Otherwise we would need to write an adapter read data from RSLinx or other option.


Thank you so much for your reply. I am not looking for a OPC DA or OPC UA client. I am looking for an adapter that can feed data to Open Historian. (In my case, I do have an ethernet IP communication module which could retrieve data from Rockwell PLC).

In general, I am looking for some document that can tell me how to write an adapter. I am checking with but I have trouble to understand how it get data to OpenHistorian.

By the way, I am not using modbus.

Any example of making a custom adapter to feed data? where should I start?

Thanks a lot.