Query: Data base configuration changes for PMU

I’ve a query about openHistorian database configuration settings for PMU, when this configuration occurs?
My understanding is: When adding new device (PMU) with openHistorian, it will issue the call to PMU to get the configuration details of that PMU. Once received configuration details, openHistorian will add those details in database table device and measurement table with relevant measurement or signal ids.

Here issue is, we connected a PMU through openHistorian and able to see all measurements in openHistorian display. After some time, PMU gone to offline, then OpenHistorian displays portion of measurement items or fields (like Analog and Digital fields), not all fields, which are displayed earlier.
My query is, every time will openHistorian update the database configuration settings for a PMU when receiving configuration parameters? Or only at first time of registration?
Please note that, I’m not talking about values, taking about only configuration settings.

Please clarify, if you need any other details, please let me know.

Thanks & Regards

Seems unusual - what happens if you reinitialize the device connection, e.g., clicking the Initialize button on the openHsitorian Manager or issuing an init <deviceID> command from the console. After reconnection do all measurements appear?