Query about openHistorian alert and email notification


We need to configure alarm setting for Goose measurement data.

Goose data will be generated when an event happened, that time only we need to raise alarm and sending the email notification.


We have 2 state

  1. Open
  2. Close

If Open event occurred, then this state will persist for 1 hr or if resolved. So, we need to send one email notification at the time of open event occurred then I no need further email if event is persisted.
We are using openHistorian 2.6.x.

Is it possible?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Logu,

It’s possible to configure an alarm that reacts to state changes in the Goose measurement, and then use that alarm’s measurement as the input into the EmailNotifier adapter. However, I can’t think of a way to implement the 1-hour clearing logic without some custom development.