PyPDC connect to Openpdc

Hi Ritchie,
Thanks a lot. And I followed the your instruction to set the Openpdc. But the program tell me that it received unknown message.
Could you help me?

Hao Yu

Certainly try connecting to the stream with the PMU Connection Tester - I suspect this will work fine.

Looks like you are making progress, however, I’ve never used that particular Python library - so I am not sure exactly how it operates.

However, if you want phasor data in Python (and not necessarily real-time data), you can consider using our openHistorian Python library to query archived phasor data:

If you are only wanting real-time data then here are some options as well:

Iron Python, F# and C# options: GitHub - GridProtectionAlliance/openECA: Open Source Extensible Control & Analytics



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