Problems with Input and Output Stream Naming Convention

Hi Everyone!

We are trying to manage the naming field of Output Stream in openPDC. I created the Naming in Acronym and Name in uppercase format in one openPDC (output stream) and this openPDC sent data to other openPDC, then I received, in the Acronym field, uppercase, as expected, but in the field Name, I receivied in lowercase - as Figure below.


The second problem related it was about the selection of Phase. In one openPDC I selected the Phase in A, B and C format, however we are receiving in the other openPDC, after Request command, the Phase values only in Positive Sequence - as Figure below.

In function of number of PMUs involved in our project, it will be very important to have these two functionalities as well as possible.



The Name field is just for reference - it is not used as part of the IEEE C37.118 stream.

Hi Ritchie, thanks for your prompt answer.

About my second issue, the values of current and voltage are correct, when received by openPDC, the problem is only with indication of Positive Sequence as shown in Figure 2.



That’s because IEEE C37.118-2005 protocol configuration frame does not contain information about the specific sequence being measured. As a result, you have to manually capture this information when setting up a new device.

If you use GEP, this data will be transferred successfully.

The next version of IEEE C37.118.2.2011 carries some of this information in the updated configuration frame - but we’ve never had an opportunity to fully test this next version of the protocol.

Hi Ritchie, thanks again for your clear explanation!

Yes, I agree you.

I will try test the output stream using the GEP product and them I will report here the results.

It sounds good to have openPDC, in accordance with 2011 Standard, in the future. It will be very important to us.