Problem with setting up existing configuartion

I’m trying to install openPDC manager with previous database on a new computer to use measurements and configurations. I did not add a username or password, but when I try to install it, the following page appears. I am not sure where the mistakes occur. I would be grateful if you could help me.




You can see / modify the login / password of OpenPDC Manager accounts in the ‘useraccount’ table of the database.

  • If you use a ‘database’ account, then the password is encrypted. If you have lost the password of an existing account in this DB, you can put HiNHHlZ7Z3eYX+LkAUIIdkmt7t4SL/OMyGOH885Ya7k= in the ‘Password’ filed ; which correspond to Password123. You can also change the ‘Name’ with the value that you want.
    Be sure that the ‘UseADAuthentication’ field value is ‘0’ and save the changes. Then use those informations to log on the OpenPDC Manager.

  • If you use a Windows account, then you have to fill in the ‘Name’ field the SID of your current system account. To find it, just open a cmd.exe window and use the command ‘whoami /user’
    Then copy the SID value (S-1-2-34-56789…) in the Name filed (leave the password field blank). Be sure that the ‘UseADAuthentication’ field value is ‘1’ and save the changes. Then use your full windows local account credentials (domain/username) to log on the OpenPDC Manager.

Hope that could help.


Thanks for the reply, i installed with SQLite. Is the approach similar to what you explained?

Yes, approach is similar.

My suggestion is to simply replace existing user name in UserAccount table with .\admin (or whatever current user name is) and restart service.

To edit the database, it may be simpler to use a tool like SQLite DB Browser:


Thanks for the reply, is UserAccount table in ‘openPDC\Database Scripts\SQLite\openPDC.db’ ?
How to find UserAccount table?

If you open openPDC.exe.config in a text editor and look for the ConnectionString setting, the value of that setting should show you where your SQLite database is located.

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