Power calculations

i have a problem with the power calculations adapter. I checked my adapter in the openpdc console and all the measurements are discarded…I have followed the instructions from the pdf file, so i created an output for the power calculator results in the menu manage measurements, i created a power calculator adapter in the menu action adapters, with the right inputs and the output i have created before, but then i get no values of power calculation in the real time measurements list…I also tried to configure a csv adapter to save the power calulcations there but of course it is empty. I have changed also the lag time but nothing is happening.
Any advice?


Hello Eva,

If your measurements are being discarded, that means the timestamps of the measurements are likely not very close to the time reported by the local clock of the system running the openPDC. If you are using historic data, consider using simulated timestamps or disabling the lag time and lead time validation by adding “processByReceivedTimestamp=true” to the power calculator’s connection string. If you are not using historic data, check the local clock to ensure that it is accurate within the tolerance defined by the lead time setting. Also check the latency of your data and ensure that the timestamps arrive within the tolerance defined by the lag time setting. Additionally, you may need to check that the time zone of the device providing the data is configured properly in the openPDC.