PostgreSQL database and data access

In our system, we have a server with openHistorian collecting information from one PMU and and from a RTAC (DNP). During the installation I have selected the SQLite database.

Based on my understanding after reading the following post, The settings/configurations of the openHistorian are stored in the SQLite database file (.db) and the data collected from the IEDs is stored in the .d2i files in the “WorkingDirectory” and “ArchiveDirectory”.

Configuration to get data from database

Is it possible to access/query the data (.d2i) using MATLAB for real time? If not, I would like to install a PostgreSQL in the same/other server, to have redundant (and be able to query).
I want to have the capability to use the trending tool from openHistorian, should I keep the SQlitle/.d2i files as the primary database?

Should I add a second instance and use ADO adapter or should I subscript all the points to the new database? In case of the second option, Is there any reference of how to “forward” the points to the new PostgressSQL?

Thanks In advance!


Check out the openECA project - it can connect to your openHistorian for streaming data and create a Matlab project to process the streaming data. I would recommend the nightly build as it has some recent improvements for Matlab:

Otherwise, you can save data into a database using ADO adapter like you suggest.