Porting openHistorian to Industrial use

Hi, My name is John, GSF and openHistorian and other products are really great!

Is it possible to port openHistorian to be used under industrial data acqusition environment? since GSF is originated from power industry and the internal design is heavily for phasor signals, and the it is also the same for protocals.

For example, how can I acquire data from PLCs via Modbus, and achive them into openHistorian? I’m thinking of implementing an input adapter based on remoteInputAdapter, is there any other ways to do that?

I have noticed the OpenMIC might be an example for me, but no documentation for GSF or for OpenMIC…It’s really hard to understand the project without documents…


We have a Modbus adapter as part of openMIC - very new development. openHistorian is designed for any time-series data, we certainly had process control in mind when we developed it.

Really it’s just a matter of writing adapters to pull in data.

We will be migrating the Modbus configuration screen that currently lives in openMIC to be a screen available inside openHistorian soon.

Our intention in the meantime was that people who were using openMIC could add Modbus capability and just send the data to the openHistorian.

All of the GSF products include the ability to speak the “Gateway Exchange Protocol” which is just a fancy protocol to send time-series data and associated metadata between two applications (see: https://www.gridprotectionalliance.org/technology.asp#GEP)

Generally you have a publisher (e.g, openPDC or openMIC) and a subscriber (e.g., openHistorian).


Hi John
I am also trying to do the same thing using opc or direct communication with plc( different protocol) .
any luck with remote Input Adapter ?
please share the workflow how entire system work .