PMU tester connection error

Hello, I was trying to connect the PMU tester with openPDC but couldn’t really connect once I defined the IP address and everything. Every time I try to connect, it says “no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it” as in the attached screenshot
However, during the installation, I try to follow the instructions given by the GPA but once i try to test the connection, it says ‘Database connection failed’ as attached screenshot
If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-18 at 3.31.50 AM error

You can’t connect the PMU Connection Tester to the openPDC in the way you suggest - you need a configured output stream defined in the openPDC in order to “connect”. Normally the openPDC is configured with a PMU type device for input.

The connection tester is used validate a proper connection to a PMU.

The openPDC also connects to a PMU, it just the collects the data and can combine data from multiple PMUs and/or redistribute the data.

The two errors that are shown are two separate issues.

The database connectivity issue looks like an misconfigured connection to SQL Server, for this, I suggest re-running the Configuration Setup Utility and verifying you can properly access SQL Server.

For the second error, it does not look like you have specified the correct IP information for the PMU you are trying to connect to.


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Dear Sir,
Do I need to follow any external process to connect my machine (computer) to the SQL database? Moreover, I am using the same computer for both the software of PMU tester and openPDC. Is it okay to connect PMU to stream sample data to the openPDC.

Is your SQL Server instance installed locally? This may be simpler, FYI, SQL Server Express is a free version. That said, if the database is giving you trouble, just use SQLite, it requires no externally installed database software.

If the openPDC is setup with sample data (a file that repeats acting as a simulated PMU) and you have an output stream configured with this sample data, then yes, the PMU Connection Tester can read that stream.