PMU Simulator IEC 61850-90-5

Hello everyone,

I am trying to write a PMU simulator that generates random DataFrame bases on “IEC 61850-90-5” Standards in order to test it with OpenPDC.

However, i haven’t be able to find any open source libraries nor any free similar software to give me an idea to how to do it.

I was wondering if its possible to use GSF framework to generate IEC packet or any other libraries ? preferably i would to run the simulator over the WAN.

I would really appropriate if anyone could help me or direct me to the right path / materials.

Thank you :slight_smile:

How is this work proceeeding?

Of course you can use openPDC take input data (in most any protocol) and turn this into 90-5 output streams.


Dear Ritchie;

Thank you for your reply, i have managed to created IEC 61850-90-5 output stream by following the instruction you provided to me through email with OpenPDC.

However, my task is to write standalone PMU Simulator that generates random data for testing purposes. Thus, I would really appreciate if you would direct me to the right path or advise me with any material or libraries which could help me out.

I can create a TCP/UDP server that listens to incoming connections , but my problem at the moment is to create the DataSet to transfer to PDC (in this case your OpenPDC).

Thanks again :slight_smile:


We have a tool use to test protocol changes:

This might provide a good starting point for creating random data in 90-5 format.


Thank you very much Ritchie , I will look into it , and if i have question i will ask here.
once again many thanks. :slight_smile: