Phasor magnitude parsing not working with CFG-3 and integer format

I’m using PMU Connection Tester version 4.7.1 and my PMU is configured with the phasor format as Integer. When I use the 2011 protocol the CFG-3 frame is requested. The CFG-3 frame is sent by my device and the data frames are correctly decoded except that the phasor magnitudes show up as 0 (angles get parsed correctly). Wireshark will correctly decode the phasor magnitudes. Floating point is ok.

Using the 2005 protocol (where CFG-2 is used) everything works fine.

From other posts it seems that the 2011 may not be fully working yet, can someone please confirm if my observation is a known issue?

We have fully implemented 2011, but there could be an issue with CFG3 and integer scaling as we normally just use floating point for most of our testing - so this could have been overlooked.

We will investigate and report back.