Phase config based on Label

Is it possible to change the logical to identify automaticaly the phase type based on the phasor label in OpenPDC WebManager?

In my company the phasor label has the rule: XXX_FY_Z where
Y = phasor type = Voltage or Current
_Z = phase = ABC+

For example:
XXXX_FV_A = Voltage phase A
XXXX_FV_B = Voltage phase B
XXXX_FV_C = Voltage phase C
XXXX_FA_A = Current phase A
XXXX_FA_B = Current phase B
XXXX_FA_C = Current phase C

The webmanager actually can identify the type of the phasor, Voltage or Current, and the Nominal KV but it cannot identify the phase.

Below, the image from OpenPDC Manager.

I am using OpenPDC night Build 2024_06_28


Try this updated AddSynchrophasorDevice.cshtml script which adds _A, _B, and _C as high confidence phase guesses: (34.6 KB)

First, backup existing script, commonly found in C:\Program Files\openPDC\wwwroot by renaming AddSynchrophasorDevice.cshtml to something like AddSynchrophasorDevice.cshtml.bak.

Next unzip new AddSynchrophasorDevice.cshtml from zip attachment above, then copy new unzipped file to C:\Program Files\openPDC\wwwroot.

Then you can restart the openPDC Windows service and see if when you navigate to the same page the script better detects your phases from your device naming convention.


PS) Note that phase guessing occurs when you first navigate to screen, however, actual phase updates will not be “saved” to phasor record until you press the [ + Save Device ] button.

Thank You Ritchie!

It is working properly.