Output stream Phasor Label


I would ask, if you have any idea why is changed label on phasor on output stream.

For example - we have one input PMU through PDC, phasor is named “PhasorUL1”. On “Manage Phasors for XXXOutputStream” page we can see label of output phasor configured also “PhasorUL1”.

But if we use PMU Connection Tester utility, we see phasor name as “Phasor UL1 +SV”

Do you know, what " +SV" appendix means and how to remove it?

Thanks in advance, Lukas

Since phasor labels have traditionally been defined so poorly in synchrophasor devices the openPDC will auto-suffix labels with the phase information. This can at least “hint” to the data type in the phasor when the labeling is not well defined. However, the ISO Standard Synchrophasor Naming Convention now defines these labels so this feature needs to be disabled. To accommodate the naming standard, the following connection string parameters are used for ISO level output streams:

addPhaseLabelSuffix - a boolean value that will allow the default phase label suffix to be enabled / disabled
replaceWithSpaceChar - a character designation that will be replaced by “space” in the output stream
The following is an example connection string addition that complies with the standard:

           addPhaseLabelSuffix=false; replaceWithSpaceChar=_

In this example, a label in the output stream where an underscore was encountered would be replaced with a space. Note that you can use another character if underscores are reserved and or used in the naming standard.

With this notion you can change the original device acronym to include the desired replacement characters before adding the device to the output stream so it is consistently named throughout the system.

Thank you for fast response.