OSI PI input adapter is missing


I’ve dowloaded openHistorian V 2.7 Installs, made a regular installation on windows using SQLite database (with Sample data script). But, OSIsoft PI input adapters are not available on the input adapters menu.

How can I acces to those adapters?

Is the OSIsoft AF SDK installed on this system? The PI adapters will only load if this is already installed.

it is, should it be on a specific location?

No, just installed on the same system. What version are you using?



This is the PI SDK, not the AF SDK.

We have tested with 2015, 2016 and with 2019 versions. We auto-compile with 2015 for wider compatibility.

It is solved now. I had only PI SDK installed.



We are getting this message from our OSI PI server and I don’t know if its related to the openHIstorian adapter configuration. Do you have any clue on this?


I think this is just a “socket shutdown” request. Just trying to be “graceful” instead of terminating abruptly.