OpenPDC was not receiving data

Hi Guys, I got a problem. I am using RTLAB to set up a virtual PMU and send data. I can read data from the PMU connection tester without a problem. However, I tried to input my configuration to openPDC by saving my connection and config from the PMU connection tester and then using the Input Device Wizard to import the saved configurations. I can easily import the settings, but openPDC did not get any data from the virtual PMU. It showed all the phasors and measurements correctly did not have any reading. Can anybody help me with this? Thank you.

Were you able to stream data using pmuconnection tester? You might also want to check the protocol that you are using.

Looks like it is either not successfully connected -or- the ID code code for the device connection or PMUs are incorrect.

Have check the console to see if the device is successfully connecting?


Yes, the PMU connection tester can read the data correctly. The protocol we use is C37.118.2-2011, which should not be an issue for openPDC. I saved my configuration file and connection file from the successfully connected PMU connection tester and imported them to openPDC to automatically set up the device and connection. Not sure why this is not working.

I will check the ID code. The PMU names are correct and the same as on the reading of the PMU connection tester. Thanks for the advice.

hange the protocol to 118.2-2005 and retry

The project we are working on requires us to use the 2011 version. If we make it work on the 2005 version but not the 2011 version, the project still does not work. That is why we are still sticking with the 2011 version.

Can you verify it works with 2005? If so, you will need to check with RTLAB.