openPDC "user not defined" Error


I have openPDC streaming PMU data from a RTDS system, but it is not connecting. I configured the utility with the PMU Connection tester(which can see the data). When I checked the ErrorLog.txt I get this error:

I forgot to add, I had openPDC working a week or so before, but at some point it starting giving this error. I have made sure the service is using system credentials to log on.

Does user it is referring to (redacted) have access to the openPDC?

Yes. I am using the windows user authorization setup. Both openPDC and the SQL server should use my windows account to log in. My user is an administrator on the device.

Is this message consistent (constant) or did this just happen once or twice and not again?

The reason I ask is that the two things may be unrelated.

One thing you could try is restarting the service to see if the port works after the restart.

The message is consistent. It posts the error to the log at program start and then every time I restart the service.

I am streaming data through a VPN, could that cause any issues?

The security exception you’re seeing at startup doesn’t worry me too much, It could just be the system trying to access the domain controller initially, especially not worried if everything still works, that is you’re getting logged in properly and can see console messages etc.

A VPN can be tricky there could be firewalls involved and/or IP addresses that may not route through the VPN. Also if you are not in control of the VPN, that is, it’s controlled by an IT department, those rules can change.

Perhaps you can describe your set up a little more so I can help you brainstorm.

I have control of the VPN, it just isolates our RTDS system. Setup wise, we have a RTDS system with which we are streaming PMU data from a virtual power system. My lab PC is connected to the RTDS through a VPN. I have openPDC installed on the PC along with a locally hosted Microsoft SQL server that should be storing the data.

openPDC has stored the phasor data (ID, name, etc) in the server, but it is not reading or storing the data (I can’t see the phasor measurements on the graphs or in the expected table in the SQL). I guess my PMU configuration could be wrong but I can see the phasor data with the PMU connection tool so I’m not sure.

Sorry for the delay I have been out of the office. I verified the PMU data and made sure it matched the config in openPDC. Still no luck in seeing any phasor data though.