openPDC to openPDC communication for virtual PMU

HI Stephen.

We are trying to connect one virtual PMU( simulated by opal_RT simulator in PDC1 to another virtual PMU (131.218.xx.xx) simulated by iPDC in PDC2. We have followed the below thread as it is. But we never succeed to talk with these two PDC,s. I am adding some screen shot in the comment of this thread. Looking forward to hear from you



Hi Subrina,

These devices most likely use the IEEE C37.118 protocol for transferring synchrophasor data. The topic you linked to discusses how to use the Gateway Exchange Protocol to transfer synchrophasor data between two instances of the openPDC so it is not suitable for what you are trying to do. Instead, you need to use the input device wizard. The following page may be a bit out of date, but hopefully it will help you through the steps to set this up.


Hi Stephen

Thank you. i have able to do the communication between two pdc together.

i have a another ques. is it possible to connect more than 2 pdc (3 or 4) together? in that case what will be the host address?

I’m not sure what you mean. It’s certainly possible to configure the openPDC to connect to more than two PDCs. However, there would not be a single host address–rather, there would be as many addresses as there are PDCs to connect to. In general, each connection defined in the openPDC configuration will connect to a single device, so you would need to define multiple connections to connect to multiple devices. The network configuration for connecting to multiple PDCs would depend heavily on the desired data flows and the capabilities of each PDC.


i am facing another problem also.

I can see monitor the data from both pdc (PMU in pdc1 and 22 in pdc 1). but unable to get data from pdc1 for PMU

We are using MySQL to store data.


the Hostname(the pdc we want to connect to). for 2 pdc, we usually give each others address here. But when there is more than 2. what will be host address. that was my concern. P

Every device on the network has its own hostname. If you are connecting two devices together, you have two hostnames. If you are connecting three devices together, you have three hostnames. Your data flows will define which hostnames you enter and on which systems you enter them. If you need to enter two hostnames on a given system, then you will need to use that page twice to save two separate devices with two separate acronyms and two separate hostnames.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with your data. Your screenshots don’t tell me much of anything. It looks like both devices’ measurements are being archived by PPA, so all your measurements should be showing up in the TimeSeriesMeasurement table. If you’re concern is about the zeros, try querying using a different signal ID. If your concern is about the age of your timestamps, try adding ORDER BY ID DESC to your query.

The PDCs are now connected and I can see a real-time graph of PMUA connected to PDC1 on PDC2. I cannot however use the historian playback utility to generate a file from PDC2 from the data colleceted from said PMUA.

what to do about that.

I am using MYSQL as a server.