openPDC stopped connecting to database


I have openPDC connecting to a remote MySQL database. Recently, the password to the database was changed and openPDC stopped working. I changed the password in the config file. However, when I restart the openPDC service I’m getting the error below:

I allowed remote connections on my remote server, then tested the connection in the same machine openPDC is hosted, and I am able to connect to the database. Am I missing a step here?

I appreciate any help!

Update: I restored the original password on my remote server and it works now. Still don’t understand why changing the password causes openPDC to crash, tho.

There are two configuration files, one for the openPDC service called openPDC.exe.config and one for the openPDC Manager, the app displaying the error message, called openPDCManager.exe.config. Make sure the password is updated in both config files.


Oh, I did not know that. Thanks for letting me know!