openPDC service error

I have installed the openPDC in my system with SQLserver as the database management software. In openPDC manager app the indicator for the service on the upper right-hand side shows red while I have confirmed that the openPDC is still running in the windows service manager and rebooted the service couple of times still this issue is not resolving. I have tried reinstalling the software couple of times still the problem persists.Further I have confirmed that the account has full permissions to access the files in the system. I have connected a PMU device with pmu tester configuration the device shows connected but still I am not able to measure the data. So please let me know what are the possible reasons for this disconnection from the service even though the windows service shows running for the openpdc software. Any solution or nudge in the right direction would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


I have seen this before when the system cannot login in properly or does not support IPv6.

Can you successfully login to the openPDC Console application?

Try can also try going into the “Monitoring > Remote System Console” from the menu within the manager application - does this work?

To eliminate IPv6 issues, try adding ; interface= to the settings found from the “System > Manage Nodes” menu.

Let me know the results…


Hi Ritchie,

Thanks for the reply. I have checked out the things you mentioned and there was some IPv6 issues for my system and now I am successfully able to login into the openPDC. Thanks for providing the solution to this query really appreciate it.

P.S- Your tutorials on openPDC and openHistorian in youtube are very helpful and understanding for someone starting new to implement an open-source phasor data concentrator software so appreciate your good work :smile: .