openPDC service can not be started after installation


Previously there was a old version (2.1) of OpenPDC on our 2012 windows server. In order to install a newer version of OpenPDC (2.6.13), we uninstalled the version 2.1 but the original installation path and files did not seem to be removed. so we manually deleted the original installation folder. we successfully installed newer version OpenPDC (2.7.4), but the OpenPDC service couldn’t be started after the installation. we have got some errors like below in windows event viewer. any idea about this?

1.UpdateServiceConfig: Successfully configured service failure actions.
2. One or more less secure TLS/SSL protocols “Tls, Tls12” are being used by an instance of the TlsClient in OpenPDC Manager.

I am suspecting that it may have something to do with old version software which still has a lot of leftover in windows registry. is there a way we can clean the windows registry for OpenPDC and do a clean installation?

Thank you.

Hello Jun,

I’m not sure if we’d be able to scrub your registry completely clean, but I can tell you that the openPDC installer writes three values to the following registry key on installation: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Grid Protection Alliance\openPDC. That registry key and its values should be removed during the uninstall process, and even if they aren’t, it shouldn’t affect a new installation of the openPDC.

Neither of the messages from the Windows Event Viewer are really relevant to service startup failures, either. Are you getting any error messages from the Services Manager itself when you attempt to start the service manually?