openPDC read historical dat. files


I try to search which program read dat.files, but not found. I have dat. files from microPMU backups and want to read them like real-time in openPDC.

The files were saved in microPMU in dat. files per hour. I have lots of them because microPMU save maximum last month.

Which program i have to use? I know that openPDC use d. files and d2. files. How i can get together all this dat. files and convert to a software like openPDC or other?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Aleixo,

Unfortunately, the DAT extension really just defines generic a binary data file. It provides no real indication of the format of that binary data without more context. You did say that the files were obtained via a microPMU so I do know what files you’re talking about, but I still don’t know the format of that data. There are only two tools I know of that can read data from those DAT files.

The first is called Smart Grid Store, which is a cloud-based time-series database solution that uses the Berkeley Tree Database as its storage method of choice. The tool appears to be open source so one could likely determine the format of those DAT files by reading their code. You can see more information about the tool by checking out the SGS website.

The second tool is called the “PSL microPMU Binary File Conversion Utility”. This tool is used to convert these DAT files into CSV files. I have a copy of version 0.1 of this tool and have used it before with varying degrees of success. There was a link in their user manual that would allow you to download the tool, but it appears that they’ve moved things around on their website so I’m no longer able to use the link. If you have access to a more recent version of their user manual, there’s a chance that they have updated the link. You may also be able to obtain the tool by contacting PSL directly.


Thanks Stephen, i used PSL microPMU Binary File Conversion Utility to convert files into csv, but i had some problems. Today i solved that problems using period instead of commas conversion.

I take this same topic to ask for example to configure a list of csv files into openHistorian or openPDC. I searched a little bit but not understand the parameters of “Manage custom input adapters”.

I have a few steps and i dont know if are correct.

1º Create Manage Custom Input Adapters
2º Add new device configuration (protocol VIRTUAL)
3º Create several measurements for each “collumn” of variables that i have in csv files
4º Manage Custom output adapters

Exist some complete example to do this?

Thanks for your help

The closest thing we have that can read the CSV files produced by that PSL tool is the CsvInputAdapter, but that adapter has some limitations that you may find to be prohibitive. I don’t think you’ll be able to pull this off without some custom code.