OpenPDC / OpenHistorian framerate limitation?


We are thinking about using on our grid some PMUs that are able to send data at a 100 frames per second framerate. Could you tell me if OpenPDC / OpenHistorian can handle with this value ?

If applicable :

  • are there any specific recommendations concerning the settings other than specifying this value when setting the PMU, the concentrator, the custom input / output / concentrator output stream / adapters ?
  • Is there a risk of queuing in data processing depending on the hardware configuration implemented?
  • Can OpenPDC handle with different PMUs, some with 50 fps and others with 100 fps ; both in the same concentrator stream ?

Thank you in advance for your attention to these questions.

have a good day,

Should be fine - we have many people using 120 frames per second for 60Hz systems.

You can handle different rates in the same system just fine.

Be aware though when combining 50 and 100 frames per second (fps) outputs in the same stream:

  1. If output stream is set to 50fps, sources at 100fps will be down-sampled (there are options on how)
  2. If output stream is set to 100fps, sources at 50fps will show 50% missing values (assuming any inputs at 100fps are reporting*)

Hope that helps!


* Currently, an output stream will not report faster than any of its inputs, regardless of specified reporting rate.

Hello Ritchie,

Thank you for your (very !) quick reply.
It seems OK for us to experiment with this configuration.

Have a nice day !