openPDC manager is crashing


Of late I have been facing this peculiar situation where in upon some minor changes like enabling a device or disabling a device, an Error Dialog box appears which says that an unexpected exception occurred in OpenPDC Manager.
I have tried to restart the software, reconfigure the set up utility, restarted the pc etc. but
nothing seems to work. The only option I had was to restart from scratch.
Can you please tell me why this situation arose?
What steps should I take to avoid the situation and in case it appears again, is there a better way to solve it rather than reinstalling the software again?

Kind Regards,

Hello Gaurav,

First, to fix the openPDC Manager, navigate to %localappdata% (C:\Users\logiclab\AppData\Local) and delete the IsolatedStorage subdirectory.

Next, to prevent this problem from happening again, there is a Display Settings link on the Graph Measurements page.

When editing those display settings, pay careful attention to the following settings.

The error you’ve encountered is caused by setting the Frequency Range Min setting to be larger than the Frequency Range Max setting. A similar crash will occur if you enter a negative value for the Number of Data Points to Plot setting.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks again for the help.
openPDC manager is up and running again.