openPDC communication

Good morning.
I am Alejandro Toro from Colombia. I work for the operator of the electric Colombian System (XM S.A E.S.P). we want to use the openPDC software to recive syncrophasor data from diferent sources and create output streams to use it in diferents apps deployed in our lab. Right now we are having the following problems:

1- when we connect an input stream from a source, we can visualize the measurements in the “Graph Real-time Measurements” screen. but when we check the stream statistics we watch that the input data is not working, because the indicator is not green: What could be the problerm?

2- Other problem that we have is that when we create an output stream and after that we check it using the PMU connection tester, the metadata is recognized but the data flow is cero. we check the output stream statistics and is not working too. What is going bad?

3- We configurated the software uising an SQLserver data base, here is an screenshoot when you can watch the current configuration:

Why system health shows fail to process request “HEALTH”? and why we can not visualize the data stream over the graph box?

Thanks in advance.

Sometimes the issues you are seeing are related to the clock of the remote PMU and/or the local clock of the computer. (1) make sure the time of the remote PMU is properly reporting GPS accurate time in UTC, and (2) your local computer clock needs to be fairly accurate as well - at least within a few seconds of UTC, so that the manager can properly validate the received timestamps.

Also, there were many bug fixes since 2.2:

You might try installing v2.3 of the openPDC to see if this helps any of your issues:


Thank you so much, we are going to check all about the UTC time. Other issue that appear during the openPDC and SIEGate instalation is something about NT SERVICE: It is posible that this situation cause problems during the software performance? How can we fix it?

Good morning.

We checked all about UTC time and everything is correct. we installed v2.3 following your recomendation, but even the SHELBY data does not work well.
What is going bad? we do not know if this issue could be a configuration problem.

I think the error you are seeing during installation is cascading into operational issues where the openPDC doesn’t have all the rights it needs. Stephen just added some extra logging to the installer - maybe we can start there. We will produce a new build with extra logging in the installer so we can better identify the issue and report back here when the new build is ready.

In the mean time, what version of Windows are you using?


our versión of Windows is “Windows 7 Professional”

Hi Alejandro,

The latest nightly build installers should have the new logging code that Ritchie mentioned. The nightly build installers for openPDC and SIEGate are available from the following locations.



After running through the installation process and receiving the error in your screenshot above, the installer will have written an error message to the Windows Event Log. You can view these errors by navigating to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools and double-clicking the Event Viewer application. In the Event Viewer, navigate to Windows Logs > Application. Additional details about the error you received in the installer should be listed there.


Hi Stephen.
I downloaded the latest nigthly build installers. The error that is listed on the Event Viewer application after running the installers is:

After the error message was show in the screen, nothing happened. The installers rolled back and the instalation did not finish.


Can you show me details about the event below that one (the one with openPDC in the Origen column)?

off course Stephen.

It looks like the method we were using to get details about the exception was failing when we ran it as part of a custom action in an MSI, so the error details never made it to the Windows Event Log. That particular issue should be fixed, and the latest nightly builds as of this morning should generate the event log messages I was looking for. If you wouldn’t mind downloading them again and running through the installer, I’m hoping we can finally figure out what’s going on with the NT SERVICE accounts.

Thank you so much Stephen. I am going to download it again.
while the problem is fixed, we installed an old versión of the openPDC, it seems work in a good way, but when we connect the PMU conection tester to test an output stream created, it does not work well, the stream is cero:

Your output stream has a TCP channel and a UDP channel. What you are doing in the screenshot is connecting to the command channel, but not the data channel, so you would naturally receive no data. You will either need to modify your output stream to use only the TCP channel (you can leave the UDP channel blank) or change your configuration in the PMU Connection Tester by using the UDP tab to define the connection to the UDP channel, then define a TCP alternate command channel to connect to the TCP channel.

Hello Stephen.

Thank you so much for your help, it was very useful. I have not forgotten that I have to install the latest nightly builds to find the event log messages we are looking for. I have been working with releases versions and I found a problem when I tried to create a conection between openPDC and SIEGate:

1- I followed this steps:

2- This is the configuration screen:

3- The data stream is not arriving:

But all the divices are recognized, what could be the problem?

Thank you in advance

I think I would have to follow the steps myself to see exactly what’s wrong with that setup, but one thing I will tell you is that the documentation is horribly outdated. I would recommend deleting that OPENPDC_LOCAL device and then using the `Subscription > Create Internal Subscription" page in SIEGate Manager to replace it.

This document also seems to be rather outdated, but can probably point you in the right direction.

Hello Stephen.

First of all I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year in advance. thank you so much for your help, it has been very useful. I have been trying to start the engine that compute all statistics in the openPDC but I got this problem report in the remote system console:

What could be the problem?

Hello Alejandro,

The message “Se produjo una excepción en el destino de la invocación” looks it came from a TargetInvocationException. That exception indicates that an unhandled exception was thrown from a method that was invoked through reflection. However, the unhandled exception that caused the TargetInvocationException to be thrown is typically the one we need in order to determine what actually went wrong. You will need to look in the ErrorLog.txt file to find the inner exception corresponding to the TargetInvocationException.


Hello Stephen.the problem is fixed.
Thank you so much